SV CH Dineroo´s Girl On Her Own aká Whira på 11th birthday.

We at Dineroo's Kennel are sincere and honest and sweep nothing under the carpet


We started our kennel in 2005. I took the kennel name together from the first letters Di after our bitch Dixy's name, Ne from the first letters of my nickname Nettan and Ro + o and apostrophes in memory of my Once In A Lifttime Lab Roxy.

We who have the kennel are me, Anette who was born-59, and my husband Stefan, born-63. I am the one who is in charge of the breeding, which is an important part. We are careful about where our puppies end up and want to have long-term contact with them.

I am extremely thorough in getting all the offspring X-rayed, it is for us as breeders, the male dog owner, the puppy buyers and not least the puppies/dogs. Starting in 2012, we have had brilliant results on hips and elbows, for which I am so grateful. We want to know results both good and bad.

We only use X-rayed, eye-tested and gene-tested (via Laboklin) parents where none of the puppies can get sick. We have only had seven litters so far and breed with quality and not quantity. For the first three or four weeks, mother dog, puppies and myself live on a mattress next to the puppy crate in the office.

At about 3.5 weeks, they move out into a large paddock in our bar kitchen, where they are with us all the time. At about four weeks, they are allowed out into the fresh air and there we are together with them in a larger fenced paddock. We are careful so that they do not get cold, but the outdoor stay is adapted to the puppies' age and the weather. We would like you to be aware that the Labrador, despite being very adaptable, is far from a couch potato, so you should be prepared to do various activities, as well as exhibit at an exhibition at some point. We hope you find us serious and can imagine a small puppy from us.

That it is based on mutual trust between the breeders (we) and the puppy buyers (you).